Rob Gordon


Following his college graduation, Rob Gordon started with PS Business Management in February 2010. Rob works with artists, music festivals, management firms, record labels, film production teams, mixed-media artists and on site at a variety of events. He played an integral role in the sale of his clients’ multi-million dollar music festival during which he spearheaded audit-compliance, he has experienced life on tour with artists, consults on a diverse group of projects, and continues to settle events ranging up to 40,000 patrons. Rob values teamwork, efficiency, and pays close attention to detail. He is technologically savvy and seeks out digital solutions to analog problems and his team has integrated many cloud-based solutions including pioneering a state of the art web-based accounting software, the first team of business managers to do so in the United States.

Rob moved from Texas to New York in 2007 to work at a prominent radio talk show on satellite radio and attend college, where he studied journalism, creative writing, and film. Following his stint in satellite radio, Rob refocused his energy toward film production, eager to understand this world at the source. Throughout his final 18 months in school, Rob worked at a boutique music licensing firm, where he developed taste-maker mentality and sharpened his knowledge of the music industry.

Rob prides himself on being artist-friendly and strives to always work with his clients’ best interests in mind. He enjoys the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with clients he respects and admires and he savors lasting relationships with his peers at PSBM as well as taking time to educate his colleagues.