Ryan Shaw


Ryan Shaw has a dual role as a Director and Senior Tax Manager with over 12 years’ experience in the entertainment industry. His expertise comes in providing services for musicians, producers and actors/actresses.

Coming to PSBM, Ryan brought a unique skillset as he worked in the world of public accounting where he specialized in business management and obtained his CPA.

As a graduate of the University of Maryland, Robert Smith School of Business, Ryan spent 10 years working in a mid-size accounting firm where he not only honed his accounting skills but got his first taste of the music industry. As his time there passed, he increased his role in the business management department dealing with a wide array of entertainment clients.

Having a background in accounting, he believes that separates him from others in the entertainment industry as his knowledge lets him evaluate each client’s situation from beginning to end and how they will affect them not only today, but in the future in regards to their tax planning.

Ryan believes that the relationship he builds with each client and their entire team is the most important aspect of his career. He tries to tailor each relationship specifically to fit the client’s needs as no two artists are alike.